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G503 WWII 1942 Ford GPW Jeep History

The G503 WWII 1942 Ford GPW Jeep has an important place in history. Here some interesting notes about the Jeep history for this time period.

This article applies to Ford GPW WWII Military Jeeps 

1. Ford Contracts
Ford had 5 contracts with the Government to build the Willys/Bantam design jeep. They were as follows: (summarized from Nabholtz information)


Contract #Serial #Date of DeliveryHow Many?(Approx)
F-11-15000Feb 42-Apr 4215,000
F-215001-78146Apr 42-Nov 4263,147
F-378147-101304Nov 42-Mar 4323,158
F-4101305-179758Mar 43-Jan 4478,454
F-4 Ext 1179759-226205Jan 44-Oct 4446,447
F-4 Ext 2225206-252741Oct 44-Feb 4526,536
F-5252742-277878Feb 45-July 4525,136

3. A Jeep produced in 1942 could be under one of three contracts:
Contract F-1, F-2 and part of F-3
Serial numbers: 1-89380

4. Jeeps Under Contract F-1
Serial # 1-15000
Bumber: MB Type
Frame: MB type
Tires:Firestone Ground Grip angled tread
Springs: GPW type Bolted Rebound Clips.
Other Characteristics:
Steering: Early Black Type
Standard Windshield
Hood:No air deflector but six dimples so can be drilled for MB
Rubber: Firewall Grommets, Hood Blocks, Floor Seals and Boots, Glove box seal, tail light grommets
Body: Ford Script, willys style tool box lids
Starter/Generator: Ford
Clutch Housing: Early MB type
Transmission: Right side fill and drain plugs
Regulator/Distributor: Autolite
Windshield to Dash clamps: Brass
Locking glove box
Clutch/Brake Pedals Shaft: Brass plated on the wearing surface (Early GPWs only)
Muffler: Early type Round

5. Nabholtz documentation states that the F-1 Contract jeep is a difficult jeep to restore. The reason was Ford was given this contract before the war officially started for the US, so they were unsure if there would be any follow up contracts. Therefore, they obtained parts from Willys, such as the Bumper, Frame and some Engine heads
F-1 Contract Production by Month

MonthSerial NumberHow Many?
Jan 421-7777
Feb 4278-21952117
Mar 422196-111158919
Apr 4211116-150003884

6. F-1 Production by Manufacturing Plants
Dearborn,MI 4,875
Chester, 2,500
Dallas,TX: 2500
Louisville, KY: 2,625
Richmond,CA: 2500

7. F-2 Contract distinct features:
Gages- Ford madewith wide indicator hands
Temperature Gage: Autolite
Speedometer: Early type with Long indicator hand
Choke/Throttle Controls: Metal w/raised letters
Light switch knobs: engraved letters white filled
Body: Ford
Shift boots: Leather
Saftey strap eyebolts: Horizontal position
Ignition switch: Key type
Steering wheel: Olive Drab plastic
Glove Box Seal: rubber gasket cemented on, push button type
Windshield to Dash Clamp: Standard type
Windshield Glass: glossy prints Ford logos lower outboard corners
Suppression: Ford type filter on dash left of glove box
Engine Color: Tractor gray
Fuel Filter: Bowl Cad Plate
Radiator: Olive Drab
Fan: Black
Hood: GPW construction, reinforced channel

8. Air cleaner: Black
Air tube: Black sometimes OD
Oil filter: Black, and drained inboard
Distributor: Autolite (not dustproof)
Oil Filter Bracket: Felt Grommets
Radiator hoses: Rubber
Regulator: Autolite, cork gasket (later changed to rubber)
Coil : Inline suppressor

F-2 Contract Production by Month

MonthSerial NumberHow Many?
May 4222275-311988,923
Jun 4231199-4196010,761
Jul 4241961-5235510,394
Aug 4252356-611568,800
Sep 4261157-688447,687
Oct 4268845-760527,207
Nov 4276053-781462,093

10. F-2 Production by Manufacturing Plants
Dearborn,MI 14,021
Chester, 16,256
Dallas,TX: 11,551
Louisville, KY: 11,315
Richmond,CA: 10,003

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